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About brazing little knowledge
Jun 16, 2017

In addition, the welding is a local rapid heating and cooling process, the welding area due to the surrounding body of the workpiece body can not be free to expand and shrink, after cooling in the weld will produce welding stress and deformation. Important products need to eliminate welding after welding stress, correct welding deformation.

Modern welding technology has been able to weld no internal and external defects, the mechanical properties are equal to even higher than the connected body of the weld. The strength of the welded body in the space is called the welded joint. The strength of the joint is affected by the quality of the weld, but also its geometric shape, size, force and working conditions. The basic form of the connector is docked, lap, tint (orthogonality) and horns.

The cross-sectional shape of the butt joint weld is determined by the thickness of the welded body before welding and the groove form of both ends. When welding thicker steel plates, open the groove of various shapes at the edge for penetration so that it can be easily fed into the electrode or wire. Slope form of single-sided welding groove and welding on both sides of the groove. Select the groove form, in addition to ensuring the welding should also consider welding convenience, filling less metal, welding deformation and low groove processing costs and other factors.

Different thickness of the two steel plate docking, in order to avoid sharp changes in cross-section caused by serious stress concentration, often thicker edge gradually thinner, The static strength and fatigue strength of the butt joint are higher than those of other joints. In the alternating, the impact load or in the low temperature and high pressure vessel to work in the connection, often used to connect the butt joint.

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