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Guide for induction brazing
Jun 16, 2017

Induction / high frequency heating is a complex brazing method, especially for high-volume welding. This guide is hereby accompanied by guidance on other brazing methods.

Brazing is the process by which the molten filler metal fills the workpiece gap under capillary action and forms a junction. This welding method shall be carried out at a temperature above 840 ° F below the base metal. A widely accepted argument is that the workpiece and the metal that is filled with the metal are created to create a permanent connection that creates a firm connection.

In recent years, brazing systems and technology have developed rapidly, using modern test equipment, users can discover new products and technologies to improve the characteristics of this ancient metallurgical connection, versatility and economy. In the past 100 years, many brazing products and systems, including oxyacetylene torch, controlled environment torch welding and vacuum torch welding, have been developed. Today's brazing is widely used in various manufacturing systems, including air conditioning and refrigeration, household tools, auto parts, tools and machinery, electronic components, marine aviation facilities, agricultural irrigation and commercial machinery.

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