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Solder commonly used process
Jun 16, 2017

The main process parameters of the brazing process are brazing temperature and holding time. The brazing temperature is usually chosen to be higher than the solder liquid temperature of 25 ^ - 60 'C, to ensure that the solder can fill the gap.

The brazing and holding time depends on the size of the workpiece and the degree of interaction between the brazing filler metal and the base metal. Large pieces of the insulation time should be longer to ensure uniform heating. Solder and the role of strong base metal, holding time is shorter. In general, a certain holding time is to promote the brazing filler metal and base metal mutual diffusion, the formation of a strong combination necessary. But too long holding time will lead to the occurrence of defects such as erosion.

Brazing commonly used methods are more, mainly by the use of equipment and work principle of distinction. Such as by the heat source distinction is infrared, electron beam, laser, plasma, glow discharge brazing, etc .; according to the work process points contact brazing and diffusion brazing. Contact reaction brazing is the use of solder and the base material to produce liquid phase filling joint gap. Diffusion brazing is to increase the diffusion time of the insulation, so that the weld and the base material is fully homogenized, so as to obtain the same performance as the base metal. Almost all of the heating heat source can be used as brazing heat source, and thus brazing classification:

Solder brazing is used for soldering of small, simple or thin parts.

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