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Successful brazing guidance
Jun 16, 2017

Brazing is the use of metal melting point lower than the base metal as a brazing filler metal, heated to 800F or more, solder melting, welding parts do not melt, two or more metal parts welded together process. It should be noted that it is not necessary to confuse brazing and soldering with a melting point below 800F. Sometimes silver soldering is often called silver soldering, which is wrong.

To be certified as a qualified welder, it usually takes 40 hours to study in the classroom and on-site training, because the main components of the refrigeration system need to be welded to the closed circuit, and the closed circuit due to containing refrigerant, each welding Head must be guaranteed not to leak.

The following information is mainly for copper-based metal welding, this procedure is also applicable to copper - brass, copper - steel, brass - steel and steel - steel connection.

 Properly mix oxygen and combustible gas

Contains too much combustible gas mixture; such flames show traces of excess gas, the gas in the mixture is slightly more than oxygen, the resulting flame is heated and the surface of the workpiece to be welded is cleaned quickly and Complete brazing work.

Equal proportions of mixed gas; such mixture contains the same amount of oxygen and combustible gas, the resulting flame can only heat the base metal.

Containing mixtures of excess oxygen; such mixtures contain too much oxygen, and the resulting flame can oxidize the surface of the metal workpiece to be welded and form a black oxide.

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