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How To Test The Reflow Temperature Curve
Jun 16, 2017

If your reflow soldering does not come with a curve system, then it can only be tested with a proprietary thermometer, if the reflow is computer-controlled and comes with temperature measurement system, it can self-test curve, but Accuracy can not say, usually the computer reflow will bring their own temperature, the temperature of the plug plug in the temperature plug, the other end is attached to the PCB with high temperature adhesive tape, if you want to simulate the solder paste in the The temperature inside the furnace, the temperature probe to close the PCB board, open the temperature measurement software, click on the "start temperature" and then the temperature line into the furnace, with the conveyor belt forward, there will be a corresponding temperature curve feedback come out. Modify the temperature of the temperature zone, there will be different curves out, usually measured by the curve and solder paste company to provide the solder paste curve close to the furnace as the effect is the best.

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