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Lead-free Reflow Specific Content
Jun 16, 2017

Lead-free reflow soldering working conditions from room temperature to work temperature ≤ 20MIN; import high-quality high-temperature high-speed motor transport wind smooth, small vibration, low noise; furnace cylinder jacking, safety bar support (electric optional); With continuous speed wheel, lead-free reflow with stepless speed, imported power; special high-quality aluminum alloy rail, lead-free reflow automatic refueling system; Chinese and English Windows operating system, powerful, easy to operate; system completed tasks For routine or scheduled monitoring functions; such as: temperature detection, regulation and control, transmission speed, direction detection and control functions. Lead-free reflow automatic detection function, can automatically ultra-low temperature sound and light alarm function. Directly to the control and analysis functions quickly. The system uses double-sided heating technology,

With the wave soldering technology mature and domestic EMS manufacturers to improve the grade of products, wave soldering equipment is still very promising. At present, due to technical and process imperfect, selective wave soldering defects or a lot. In this paper, selective wave soldering machine as an example from the equipment and process two aspects of introduction and analysis of selective welding. Equipment description of the main components of the machine, lead-free reflow process introduced the choice of welding process, and finally several selective wave soldering welding when the most prone to several defects were analyzed.

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