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Reduce IC Chip Costs And Improve Equipment Automation
Jun 16, 2017

IC chip is mainly used in computer, communications and consumer electronics (3C) three areas, with the integration of 3C, 3C products towards the multi-functional and low price direction, is bound to require the use of 3C IC chip multi-functional And low price. There are two ways to realize IC chip multi-function: one is to integrate multiple functions on a single chip, namely Soc (System on chip), Soc is the most advanced chip in IC chip field; Is integrated in a single package, SIP (System in a packge), and SIP is the most advanced package in the IC packaging field. The relationship is: SIP covers SoC, SoC simplifies SIP. IC chip chip to achieve low cost of two major measures: First, improve the IC chip productivity; the second is to improve the IC chip yield, the two measures to ensure that the equipment is to improve automation equipment to achieve full automation. Reduce the cost of IC chips First, in order to meet the needs of low-cost 3C products; Second, IC chip manufacturers to compete, to obtain greater profits in the IC market share of more.

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