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Jun 16, 2017

In the wave soldering process, preheating can volatilize the solvent in the flux, which can reduce the gas generated when welding. Preheating is a very important system to understand its principles and regulate the operation, to enhance the welding quality is very meaningful.

Flux rosin and active agent began to break down and activate, can remove the PCB pad, component terminals and pin surface oxide film and other pollutants, while protecting the metal surface to prevent the role of reoxidation.

When the conditions can be measured real-time temperature curve, warm-up time by the conveyor speed to control. If the preheating temperature is too low and the warm-up time is too short, the solvent in the flux is insufficiently volatilized, and the gas is caused to be caused by gas or porcelain, etc. If the preheating temperature is too high or the warm-up time is too long, Early decomposition, so that loss of flux activity, the same will cause burr, bridging and other welding defects. Therefore, to properly control the preheating temperature and time, the best preheating temperature is applied before the wave soldering flux on the bottom of the PCB with stickiness.

The welding process is a complex process of the interaction between the weld metal surface, the molten solder, and the air, and the welding temperature and time must be controlled, such as low soldering temperatures. Liquid solder viscosity, can not be well in the metal surface wetting and diffusion, prone to pulling and bridging, solder joint surface roughness and other defects; such as welding temperature is too high, easy to damage the components, but also produce solder oxide Speed up, solder hair black, solder joints are not full and so on.

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